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Features Benefits
Specifically designed for compressor operation Roto-Foodgrade Fluid is not a standard food grade lubricant, its formulation responds to the specific Food & Beverage as well as Pharmaceutical operating conditions. Optimizes overall performance, maintenance profile and operating cost of the compressor.
High viscosity index to maintain properties Allows for operation in a wide temperature range, typical for the Food & Beverage industry. Maintains lubricant properties over an extended lifetime.
Low pour point maintains properties at low temperature A lower pour point limits the resistance to the flow of the lubricant, which is particularly important during starting. Allows operation in chilled environments like freezers.
High water resistance Better water shedding properties reduce oil contamination and extend the oil lifetime. The lubricant’s ability to separate from water is critical to reduce oxidation on metallic parts. Ability to separate during the condensate treatment process Water resistance is a critical factor in Food
& Beverage, as water is often used in process and during cleaning, which results in a saturated atmosphere.
Compatible with OSC & OSD condensate treatment devices, with high purity separation.
Incidental food contact approval The Roto-Foodgrade Fluid is approved by NSF International (Non-food Compounds Registration), the former USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for H1 application. Contributes to your HACCP system and provides your customer with a tangible proof of quality for the product you manufacture.
Specific manufacturing approvals Kosher and Halal compliance. Complies with most important international
manufacturing requirements.

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